Ram Charan’s Next Includes Achor Anasuya in a Key Role


Hyderabad: Tollywood Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s next film expected to have anchor cum actress Anasuya in one of the important roles.

Popular anchor Anasuya set to play a main role in Ram Charan and Sukumar’s cinema. If the news is considered as real, it is going to be a break point for Anasuya. She made an entry into silver screen along with some TV shows. It is known fact that she has many offers but accepted whatever she liked only. Finally, she set to work for Charan and Sukumar’s upcoming movie. This is not just a small role or item song but really an important role.

Director Sukumar always gives importance to small characters also; he has special talent in character specialization. Hence, we can expect that Anasuya will also get a break point with this film. His movie making, characterizations are different from other Directors. Sukumar has that stamina to create small characters with good stuff and also designs lady characters very specially. Anasuya’s opportunity may be an indigestive issue for those who are against her. She has anti fan fallowing in social media, let us see how they react to it.

Equal to heroine role

Some people thought she got a small role or item song. But this is completely different and her role supports Charan’s character in this film. In other words, this is equal to heroine role said film unit members.