Popular TV Shows Jabardasth, Pataas in Police Complaint List


Hyderabad: A sensor board member Nandanam Divakar filed complaint against popular TV shows Jabardasth and Pataas.

Police Complaint - Pataas Jabardasth

One of the popular comedy TV show Jabardasth is in news again. Along with Jabardasth, other show Pataas is also facing same problem. Police case registered on these two shows. Central sensor board member Nandanam Divakar reacted and filed case against these shows at Bala Nagar police station. He also said that these shows impact youngsters to go in wrong way.

Anchors and judges should move out of the shows

Moreover, he expressed his anger on judges of Jabardasth Nagababu, Roja and Pataas anchors Ravi, Srimukhi. “For Ravi and Srimukhi silly antics, youngsters set to go in wrong direction” said Nandanam. So he demanded to remove those anchors and stop the show immediately. Public are also not accepting the show, it has become difficult to see these shows with family members.

Being a public representative, Roja encourages the show with abused language. “Roja is a woman and she judged the skirts probably that insults women” said Nandanam. He also said that they already appealed to ETV management to stop such type of shows but they didn’t respond. “Srimukhi and Ravi’s anchoring is not tolerable. This show is misleading youngsters” said Nandanam Divakar. He requested to stop these show telecast as soon as possible.