New Parking Policy in Hyderabad Malls and Theaters


Hyderabad: GHMC approached Govt to set up new parking policy in Hyderabad as malls and theaters are charging high to their customers.

New Parking Policy in Hyderabad

Malls and theaters in Hyderabad city set to collect parking charges based on hours. According to the new rules, malls management should maintain parking place for customers. Instead of free parking, they set to collect charges on hourly basis now. GHMC officials planned to check this process now and are trying to implement new parking policy to lower the charges. They approached Government for permission to implement the process.

Malls and theaters exploit customers  

Hyderabad city malls and theaters collect Rs.20 for bike and Rs.50 – Rs. 60 for car as parking charge. GHMC is not serious about parking charges; hence malls management started collecting high. Earlier, GHMC collected money for parking on road side and malls set to have free parking facility. The case is reversed now-a-days. Leaders and politicians also raised complaints against this and council members spoke about this on Thursday.

Padmavathi Reddy mall and theaters in Bhagh Amberpet collects more charges said council members. As GHMC can’t question them, the officials decided to change amendment.

Parking similar to Chennai’s

As per GHMC act, Business and commercial buildings should have proper parking place. But there is no rule for parking charges said officers. Council members concluded that malls and theaters should regulate the parking charges. And the parking charges regulations act is going to be like Chennai’s.

“Parking charges all over the city is same; if any one charges more, they will be punished severely”, said officer. The new rule also says that parking charges are excluded from customer service tax in shopping malls and commercial buildings. If the Govt accepts this, parking in private building is going to be easier.