Modi Plans to Bring Kohinoor Back from UK


Delhi: The Narendra Modi government is all set to get the extremely precious ‘Kohinoor’ back from the UK and the team is planning for this.

Kohinoor from UK to India

However, they will not be employing legal tricks to get it back. According to reports, the government plans to get the diamond back into the country through diplomatic channels.

Affidavit in court before August 15

In fact, the government will be filing a fresh affidavit in the Supreme Court. This will be the stepping stone for India’s pursuit of getting the Kohinoor back. The NDA government will file an affidavit in the court before August 15, this year.

The Kohinoor diamond, which once belonged to India, is one of the world’s largest diamonds. Currently, it is on display in a royal crown in the Tower of London.

Last week, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma, Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha and a few others attended a high-level meeting. The agenda of the meeting was to decide on how to bring the diamond back. The Kohinoor diamond is a 108-carat precious diamond that is presently in the UK. Narendra Modi and his government are planning towards bringing it back to India.

In a related development Alok Sharma has emphasized that India can, on no legal grounds, bring back the Kohinoor from UK. He is the Minister of Asia and Pacific affairs of the government of United Kingdom. It will be interesting to see how the events in the issue would unfold.