Hyderabad Bus Stands Demand More for Parking


Hyderabad: MGBS and JBS bus stands parking organizers set to demand more money for parking vehicles in Hyderabad city bus stands.

Parking in Hyderabad Bus Stand

MGBS, JBS bus stands have passengers every day in huge amount. Hence, parking organizers started collecting more money from vehicle owners without following the rules. Some of the passengers mentioned that parking charges are nearly equal to bus charges. With this, vehicle owners are scared to park their two-wheelers and four-wheelers in bus stands.

RTC officials allotted parking places to private contractors and they didn’t even check what contractors do. Taking this into hands, contractors collected double charges. MGBS (4), JBS (2) have 6 parking places but those are not enough to park all the vehicles. Hence, contractors started charging more on each vehicle based on demand.

Amount to be paid on demand    

To park a vehicle or take it, we have to pay how much they demand otherwise the parking staff set to say no to park a vehicle. Hence, two wheeler owners started paying as per the demand because they need to park every week. 90 % of the passengers travelling at night time are two wheelers who go to their native place every week. As a result, they set to pay amount to the staff as per the demand.

Real charges not implemented till date    

Parking organizers don’t care the parking charges boards. Rules for parking charges are not yet implemented; so they demanded how much they want. As parking places are not enough, there is no chance to even ask during festival or holiday’s time. If the place is full, vehicles need to be parked on roads and also charged for that.