Government Schools Lack Minimum Facilities


Damera: Government schools in Damera mandal destroyed completely. Students face problems to study at class rooms here.

Govt School Problems in Damera Mandal

Government schools lack minimum facilities in Damera mandal. Teachers set to teach students under uncomfortable surroundings. Many schools in Damera don’t have proper class rooms for students to study along with drinking water problem. In total, 2040 students study at various schools in mandal and they don’t even have proper facilities for washrooms.

Some of the buildings are half constructed and left without windows, doors. MRC building is also not finished; hence they have to go to Atmakur for even small work. People in the village took this issue to officials but they didn’t find any progress.

Studies under destroyed roof

Children from middle class, lower class are studying at many schools in the mandal as they cannot afford fee at private schools. School management is not providing minimum facilities to students here. They don’t have classrooms, washrooms and drinking water facilities as per the students count. In some of the schools, the roof destroyed completely and students are studying with fear. Schools at villages like Oglapur, Ladella, Damera, Musthyalapalli, Durgampet and Oorugonda don’t have compound walls also.

Under Damera mandal, 31 schools are there in which 10 are high schools and 21 are primary. There are 87 teachers when counted in all the schools for 2040 studnets.

No classrooms

Durgampet, Ladella, Thakkalapahad, Ramakrishnapur, Sarvapuram and other schools don’t have proper classroom facilities for the students. They need minimum 2 classrooms to continue studies but management failed to provide them also.

Govt set to provide lunch for students continuing study at schools here but they don’t have proper rooms to prepare food for them. As a result, the management started to cook in one of the rooms present. Students said that they are facing problems at such situations.

Parents and students requested Govt and school management to look after the situation and find a solution as soon as possible.