FM Etela Rajendar Gets Rs 5.31 Lakh Wage Per Day


Huzurabad: FM Eetela Rajendar and some of their party leaders worked as labors to collect money for plenary meeting in Warangal.

Eetela Rajender as Labor Man

Finance Minister Etela Rajendar started working as daily labor in Huzurabad to collect fund for the plenary meeting in Warangal. He sold cloths in Tharuni silks, Devi silks, Goliveera Raghavulu and also sold medicines, pesticides in Sagar Medicals, Raithu depot. From this, he got Rs.1,00,000 and wanted to spend it for plenary meeting. MP Boinapally Vinod Kumar, TRS leaders also participated in this along with the Finance Minister.

Labor man in Jammikunta

Minister Etela Rajender and MP Vinod Kumar worked as a labor man in Jammikunta. They also worked in cotton mill for expenses of plenary meeting in Warangal on 27th April and got Rs. 5, 31,011 complete day. Minister said people to participate in more number from district in plenary meeting to make it successful. Municipal Chairman Podeti Ramaswamy, MPP Gangarapu Latha, Market Chairman Pingali Ramesh, TRS leaders and Rice Mills owners also participated in the program.

Ministe,  MPP inaugurated TRS party office

In Challuru, they took part in one function and went to Mandal educational officer Shyam Rao retirement function in Desaipally. All the political leaders spoke at the event and said teacher profession is greater than all other professions. Minister and MP inaugurated the party office in mandal centre. In this program, PSCS Chairman, ZPTC Sadarapu Prabhakar and other party members also participated.