Complaint Filed Against Suriya for Youth Assault


Chennai: A youth filed case against Suriya that Suriya mishandled when having an argument with a woman over driving feud. Police has registered a case of assault against Suriya.

Suriya - Assault Case

The youth has been recognized as a first division football player Prem Kumar. According to reports he claims that he and his friends were riding in a bike when a car which was going in front of them stopped suddenly.

This resulted in losing control of their bike and they collided with rear end of the car. At once woman who was driving the car stepped out from the car and started scolding them for no reason and blamed them for rash driving.

Eye witnesses who were present there came in support of youths. However at the same time Suriya was passing by, stopped his car and intervened between the arguments. This further heated up the situation which resulted in actor slapping the youth.

Meanwhile Suriya has denied any allegation that is put by both of them. He even added that he saw them manhandling the woman so he decided to intervene and rescue her from them and solve this matter.

His managers said, “The two youngsters in a bike had hit an old lady near Adyar and were harassing her when Suriya passed that location. He stopped his car and intervened, questioning the two youngsters. Suriya had immediately informed the police about this incident and then left. He had also left his assistant on the spot to assist the police. ”

He even added that bous tried to take advantage of Suriya’s absence. Prem Kumar at Shastri Nagar Police Station launched the complaint.