Child Pornography in Hyderabad – US Citizen Arrested


Hyderabad: A 42-years old James Kirk Jones arrested in Hyderabad for circulating child pornography on the internet. He came from United States.

Child Pornography - James Kirk Jones Arrest

Telangana Stated Crime Investigation Department (CID) officers on Tuesday arrested a US citizen for circulating child porn on internet. James Kirk Jones works at a Hyderabad based MNC law firm as vice president. Jones came from New Jersey, USA and he is a linguistics expert. He stays at Madhapur and started work at law firm in 2012.

Recently, before 3 days, Interpol revealed a secret regarding the child pornography. The Hyderabad police alerted and traced the place using IP address. They found that the IP address is of an internet connected through wire in Madhapur. The connection is given to Jones home only; immediately, the police found the culprit and arrested him.

29,288 photos and videos found

Before the arrest, the police even checked whether he is physically abusing any children in his locality. They verified these things through a CCTV camera located nearby the accused home. CID finally said that they didn’t notice any such abuse. After this, police arrested the accused immediately. They also seized his laptop with 29,288 photos, videos of child pornography.

Jones also shared the photos and videos with 24 others through a private ground in Twitter. He used peer to peer file sharing network with 490 likeminded friends. Along with this, the police found an external hard disk, iPhone consisting adult pornography.

After arrest, CID IG Soumya Mishra said that Jones confessed that he had the tendency to watch child pornography during his childhood time only in USA. And it lead to download the videos and share through internet. Jones was booked under 67 A & B section of Information Technology Act, 2000. In addition, he is expected to get minimum 5 years of imprisonment if convicted.

CID officials also set to inform the US consulate officials regarding the incident and arrest. The police also requested people of the city to inform them immediately if they found such activities nearby.